Epidemiologist Dragan Danilovski believes that without weekend restrictions and curfew, the health system will not be able to cope with the pace of 1,000 patients per day and about 30 dead.

The current measures show that this growth of patients can be stopped, which means that in some coming longer period we would have a linear increase of an average of about 1000 new covid cases. However, I think that the health system cannot withstand that and therefore stricter measures are needed, such as weekend restrictions, but I also think that curfew is necessary, epidemiologist Dragan Danilovski told Kanal 5.

According to him, declaring a crisis situation is an appropriate measure, but it should be used for interventions in the health system.

It is good that the Army got involved to help the police officers, said Danilovski, adding that at this pace in three months herd immunity would be achieved.