The data left on the website are not secure, a man told TV Alfa, claiming that in just seven minutes without special IT knowledge he managed to collect as many as 140 documents with personal data from the website, unique ID numbers, electronic records, type of vaccine, where and when people were vaccinated and other personal data.

He says that, wanting to get his own vaccination certificate, he managed to enter the system in just a few minutes and gain insight into the personal data on the website.

He submitted the documents he provided to the TV station to alert how easily someone with minimal IT knowledge could break into the system with hundreds of thousands of ID numbers and personal information, especially if it is known that if they fall into the wrong hands they can be misused.

The vakcinacija. mk website says that the controller of the personal data people provide is the Ministry of Health, and that it maintains the servers and all activities on the website, including the logs that are created and the analysis of the data that are transmitted from the visit to the website.