Four patients died of Covid-19 over the past day, the Healthcare Ministry informed. The deceased patients are from Kicevo, Skopje, Stip and Bitola. This brings the death toll of the epidemic to 497.

The Ministry also diagnosed 166 new cases, out of the 1,419 tests that were conducted. Of them, 47 were found in Skopje, 23 in Stip, 17 in Kumanovo and 15 in Gostivar. There are 3,675 active cases across the country. In the capital Skopje, the number of active cases is evening out – after the major Ramadan spike that affected mostly the majority Muslim parts of the city, like Cair, there is not an even number of cases in Cair and the area of Aerodrom, where the virus is spreading mostly due to the high density of population.