A construction company owned by the family of former VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Krsto Mukoski recently received a new public contract worth over a million denars, reports Expres.mk.

The site still hasn’t published details about the contract. Mukoski has already received sizable deals with the Government for his company, that specializes in painting jobs and other construction. He is one of the Gang of Eight former VMRO representatives who switched sides and voted with SDSM to approve the imposed name change.

Mukoski was one of the three members of Parliament who were charged with “terrorism” by SDSM affiliated prosecutors, over the April 27 2017 incident in the Parliament. He famously helped open the Parliament doors for the protesters to enter the building. The court openly coordinated with the Government in the run up to the first vote on the name change, and released Mukoski from house arrest as soon as he agreed to vote in favor and just before the vote. He later received a pardon under a tailor made law that left many of the protesters facing lengthy prison sentences and is currently out of Parliament but supports the constant SDSM efforts to create factions in VMRO-DPMNE.