The resistance against the wrong policies of Zoran Zaev is growing. Today, Skopje and 20 other cities protested against the sale of the Macedonian identity and language, demanding Zaev’s resignation.

The residents of Makedonska Kamenica also expressed their revolt against Zaev and his policies, with Lambe Arnaudov emphasizing that no one has the right to trade with Macedonian history, with our fathers and grandfathers who paid with their lives for our freedom and fought for the freedom of Macedonia.

Today it was confirmed that Zaev trades with the identity, that he wants to erase us as Macedonians that he wants to erase our history, we will not allow that. We will not allow Zaev to make us an artificial nation. We are here to oppose him and we will not give up until Zaev leaves power. Enough with the defeats and humiliations, Arnaudov said.

In Delcevo, the member of the VMRO-DPMNE EC, Dragan Kovacki, addressed the numerous citizens who protested against Zaev’s disastrous policies, emphasizing that Zaev can speak for himself and decide, but not for the Macedonian people and the Macedonian state.

Nobody gave Zaev the right to destroy Macedonia and sell the nation. Zaev cannot make a tree without a root out of us. Macedonia has never been more humiliated. The shame and national betrayal brought by Zaev have led to his end. The negotiations must be terminated, and he will be held responsible for all this, Kovacki said.

Protests against Zaev and his wrong policies also took place in Vinica, where the MP of VMRO-DPMNE, Daniela Hristova said that the citizens are here to put an end to Zaev’s betrayal.