Asked on the “Samo vistina” show whether she or any of the authorities had influence on prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska, Justice Minister Renata Deskoska said that she personally does not have, but cannot guarantee that for anybody else.

I personally do not have, and I cannot comment about others, said Deskoska.

To this statement of the minister, journalist Goce Mihajlovski pointed to the case of the release of MP Krsto Mukosk from custody in the “April 27” case, who just hours later voted to change the name, and the case was led precisely by Ruskoska.

The case with the constitutional amendments is a case where we saw an amnesty for some of the persons who participated in some way but not violently. A case in which I personally as a minister, as a person, as a professor can say that put a heavy burden on the justice system. We all know, here, I want to be honest and open that the amnesty law that was passed at the time and the steps that were taken were steps aimed at constitutional amendments, she said.