I hope we do not lose the chance to get negotiations with the European Union. That decision will accelerate the pace of judicial reforms, Justice Minister Renata Deskoska said in her address to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg ahead of the decision to start negotiations with the Republic of Macedonia.

Deskoska addressed Monday’s Council of Europe Conference of Ministers of Justice, organized by the French Presidency, the Ministry of Justice said. The topic of the conference is “Digital Challenges for Justice in Europe”,

Automated Court Case Management Information System (ACCMIS) has been introduced, which I hope will be gradually introduced in the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the near future. Digitization can also increase the efficiency of the judiciary by enabling electronic submission of motions to courts, electronic communication with lawyers and litigants, Deskoska said.

The Minister of Justice also noted that the courts are gradually implementing equipment for audio recording of court hearings, as well as a system for audio-video recording of hearings in the public prosecution.