The statement is not completed, ex-intelligence officer, current security adviser to the prime minister Zoran Vesrushevski smilingly told reporters before the Criminal Court t, following a hearing in SPO’s “Target – Fortress” case.

What Verushevski said in the courtroom, however, tectonically shifts the “truth about Macedonia”, and above all the SPO, which has been the basis of politics for the past five and a half years since the publication of the bombs began. Verushevski admitted under oath that the bombs had been cut and edited and manipulated, meaning that they were “heavily modifications and compromises”.

Former UBK director Zoran Verushevski said that until his arrest on January 23, 2015 (almost 11 months before the materials were handed over), he knew the exact extent of the documentation, but then had no control.

It’s a fact that the documents were being heavily modified and compromised after my detention, Verusevski said.

What’s going on in the background in the meantime?

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev of New York relatively calmly commented on Verusevski’s statement. We are waiting for the second testimony, Zaev said in an interview with the Voice of America.

According to Zaev, no final conclusion can be reached from the first testimony of the former spy chief, and the truth about the wiretaps will eventually come out in further hearings. He believes that Verusevski did not say anything contrary to the factual situation, and regarding the modification and manipulation of the “bombs”, Zaev points out that no one disputed their authenticity, which was further confirmed by a forensic examination conducted by a credible international forensic institution.

Let’s wait for the second court hearing to see what he really says. He is dissapointed with the events in the Special Prosecutor’s Office which converges toward the words he is using, Zaev told VOA.
He also denied that there is any doubt over the movement of the illegal recordings, after the two UBK agency officers charged with conducting the wiretapping said that they gave the tapes to Verusevski, but he denied that in court. Zaev says that the recordings were given to the SDSM party, not Verusevski directly, but that Verusevski was responsible for their handling.

October 10 is far enough for Verusevski to “understand” that he was not understood, so to change the statement in that direction “you did not understand me”. Did Zaev find a way to silence or bribe Verusevski from New York in a few days? Or maybe someone is scaring Verusevski, for which the other Zoran is also informed? Will we hear in the courtroom on October 10 that the tapes were not “heavily modified and compromised” or will Verusevski himself interpret his statement that what he said on September 23 means everything, but not cut, edited, manipulated? Why is Verusevski’s statement in the “Coup” case, given 4 years ago before the Prosecutor’s Office for the Fight against Organized Crime and Corruption, kept sealed as an official secret, as revealed by Snezana Lupevska’s “Kod” show?

Prosecutors told “Kod” that the statement was never a classified document. The secret of Verusevski’s statements is now hidden from the SPO, but in the chiefless SPO there is no one who will allow the “Coup” case to be opened and the statement taken, Lupevska said.

Verusevski never believed in the authenticity of the bombs

Even before the “Coup” affair broke out, Verusevski had requested forensic expertise to determine exactly where the illegal wiretapping came from and who was responsible for it. Verusevski even during the interrogation before the prosecutor said that the prosecutor should carry out the expert examination of the UBK equipment in the Fifth Administration.

His idea was not accepted, and a month later the wiretapping equipment was destroyed in two Skopje dumps, for which the SPO opened the “Fortress” case, Lupevska says in “Kod”.

The purpose of Verusevski’s statement at that time and the actual testimony is the same, to carry out an expert examination and to determine where the illegal wiretaps and bombs were produced.