Interim Deputy Finance Minister Gordana Dimitrieska Kocoska accused the SDSM party officials in the Ministry of preventing employees from even talking to her, which, she said, will not allow Macedonia to hold free and fair elections. She was nominated to the Finance Ministry, where she holds veto power over decisions made by the SDSM appointed Minister Nina Angelovska, to stop SDSM abuse of public funding in election purposes.

Employees are threatened and banned from providing me with the necessary documents and cooperation. This is beginning to seriously undermine the conduct of the elections. Attempts to conceal data from me raises suspicions that there are on-going attempts to influence voters for the coming early general elections using public funding, Dimitrieska said.

She pointed to a request to receive data about hiring of public sector employees in the run up to the elections, which she requested, only to receive a report that no such data is available after 11 days of waiting for it.

We are looking into a serious breach of regulation that governs the keeping of public records, Dimitrieska said, adding that she will use all available legal options to ensure that the Finance Ministry begins operating lawfully again.