Asked whether a solution is possible in the next few months with Bulgaria and what the Macedonian government has done and plans to do to increase the chances of an agreement, and whether the solution is up to Sofia, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs says Nikola Dimitrov said that this is a key issue at the moment.

This time the stakes are high and it becomes impossible to continue to talk about the European perspective for the citizens of Macedonia, the stakes are high for the European Union as well because the promise is here and if the promises are not fulfilled it sends a very negative message. The highest stakes are up to us, because we want to start the European path. But the stakes are high for both Bulgaria and the friendship between the two countries. It will be natural for our neighbors, who are also EU members, to have the greatest benefit from European Macedonia, from a success story in their neighborhood and I think that from this perspective we should approach and revitalize the engagement with Sofia, said Dimitrov.

According to Dimitrov, although now there is a caretaker government, new elections on July 11, but also presidential elections in the fall, as well as elections in various member states, one should not lose momentum and wait.