Macedonian Foreign Affairs Minister Nikola Dimitrov expressed his gratitude to the European Union for its decision to open accession talks with Macedonia, but neither he nor EU officials are revealing the date.

Macedonia has received a dozen recommendations to open accession talks but never received a date and is expecting to do so at the European Council that is taking place through a video-conference. It was announced that a political decision has been reached in favor of opening accession talks with Macedonia and Albania, but so far no word as to when.

Despite all hurdles,our sense of endurance&resolve prevailed!*Folded hands emoji* to our *EU flag emoji* friends for recognizing it. *Folded hands emoji* to all in *Macedonian flag emoji* who worked hard&never siezed (sic) believing. EU’s decision in this dire time is a symbol of its true strength. Ready to start next stage of *EU flag emoji* journey! Buckle up,onwards&upwards!, Dimitrov tweeted.

EU Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varheyi announced that the decision is to reach political agreement to open accession talks. Previously Reuters reported that the decision is positive, but will not contain a specific date for accession talks.