VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski demanded that Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov be held accountable for “Racket” because he knew about the case but did not report it. He also asks if money from the racket ended up with him.

In a television duel with Nikola Dimitrov as early as September 18 this year I said what came to light yesterday in court. Dimitrov knew about “Racket” but did not report it! He knew that Boki 13 and his associated backed and co-ordinated by the SDSM leadership were extorting money. He knew that they asked for 2 million euros from a businessman from eastern Macedonia! He knew that because the man who did not agree to pay was subjected to terrorism by the SPO and unjustly prosecuted! He knew that the man also had a high diplomatic title – honorary consul of Latvia – EU member state! He knew and he didn’t report it! That makes him an accomplice, says Nikoloski.

He reminds that those who cover up crimes and their perpetrators are also punished under the Criminal Code.

Here’s a short segment from the 18 September show.