SDSM through the Law on Strategic Investments, which was adopted at yesterday’s session, wants in the election period, as a political body composed of politicians with typical political decisions to give benefits to already obviously agreed deals, without rigid criteria with well-known firms and companies, VMRO-DPMNE Ilija Dimovski said.

He added that as has been the case for many laws so far, SDSM has proposed the Law on Strategic Investments in a shortened procedure, with a European flag, while falsifying it, citing European Union Regulation 347/2013, which does not concern 90% of the content of this law.

This Regulation refers to the harmonization of trans-European energy infrastructures. Also, through the forgery of compliance with the regulation, the Government of SDSM adds 12 new areas that are not subject to the aforementioned regulation, thus making a broader definition of what is actually a strategic investment. According to the definitions in the law, with this law, even investments related to marijuana plantation can be granted strategic investment status, Dimovski said.

This law, Dimovski adds, also envisages the establishment of a Committee on Strategic Investment Projects that will consist of the Prime Minister and several ministers as well as the Secretary General of the Government as permanent members, as well as ministers and mayors depending on the area and location of the already envisaged investment projects for their favorite companies.