During the protest in front of the Government under the motto “Zaev’s resignation, freedom of the people”, Ljupco Dimovski said that Macedonia has a serious long-standing problem that this Government neither knows how nor is able to solve.

Culture and language cannot be negotiated. The betrayal of Macedonia, of everything that is Macedonian for one’s own interests, can be done only by Zaev and only by his Dimitrov. Now also by the special representative Buckovski, said Dimovski.

According to him, the Bulgarian demands are not decreasing, and Zaev, on the other hand, is trying to impose something unacceptable on us, forcing us to make unacceptable concessions.

Dimovski pointed out that no one can decide on such an issue alone, there must be a consensus on such an issue.

He said that this non-national government must be overthrown and added that Macedonia is above all and above everyone and that is why we must fight for our Macedonian future.