The coalition led by SDSM is losing members, while VMRO-DPMNE has potential to grow its coalition for the coming local elections, said former top VMRO official Ilija Dimovski in a Sitel TV interview.

SDSM lost some of its closest allies such as the LDP, DOM and DS parties. It managed to bring its main Albanian partner DUI on board for the elections, but that only prompts calls for a similar inter-ethnic coalition between VMRO and the Albanian parties AA and Alternative. The key coalition proposal was the one VMRO leader Hristijan Mickoski made to the populist Levica party, but that proposal is currently was initially rejected by Levica leader Dimitar apasiev.

We can all see the repositioning. The SDSM coalition is shrinking, while the SDSM led coalition grows. The call from Hristijan Mickoski to Levica was the correct one – let’s join forces and bring Zoran Zaev down. If Apasiev is sincere in his intentions, he will accept it, Dimovski said.