Lawyer Aleksandar Tortevski announced that his recently formed Tvoja (your) Party will compete in the April general elections. Tvoja was created as a Twitter initiative of a group of Colored Revolution and SDSM party supporters who grew publicly angry over the high levels of crime and corruption on the part of SDSM.

Most of our activities are conducted online, which proved as a good recipe. We have a board consisting people from Australia, Amsterdam, London, where we share opinions, and we have concluded that now we need to have a direct contact, Tortevski said, announcing that the party will hold meetings in late November and early December.

Tortevski was also an adviser to now disgraced Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, but he now calls for full accountability over her role and ties to the SDSM party, as well as for other SDSM and Colored Revolution activists who he says turned out to be corrupt.