Pavle Bogoevski, the disgraced Colored Revolution leader and former SDSM member of Parliament who resigned after he was recorded ordering drugs from his dealer, acknowledged that he was likely naive to have trusted Katica Janeva and called for an investigation into her investigations.

Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva is being investigated in a case alleging that showman and TV station owner Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 extorted 1.5 million EUR from businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev, on the promise that he will get Janeva to drop her charges against Kamcev. It’s a tremendous fall from grace for Janeva, who was declared a symbol of the fight against corruption by the likes of Bogoevski, who organized violent protests to support her.

I still, very sincerely (some woud say a bit naively) believe in the honesty of nearly all other SPO prosecutors. I believe in their professional work and dedication to the cause of our struggle. But, if it is proven that in one of the cases, in which the Special Prosecutor alone was responsible, there were some illegal actions, then I believe that all cases in which she was involved should be re-examined. This doesn’t mean that all these cases will collapse, but only those where illegal influence is determined, Bogoevski said.

He went on to list a number of suspicious actions by the Special Prosecutor’s Office, such as not requesting detention for Nikola Gruevski before he left the country for Hungary and claimed political asylum, or the alleged pipe leak which destroyed evidence in the SPO vaults related to the Kamcev investigation.

Bogoevski also acknowledged that another major irregularity in the work of SPO Janeva – her decision to continue pushing for charges even after the legal mandate for her to do so ended in the summer of 2017 – will mean that a number of cases will have to be thrown out by the courts.

Although I feel horrible these days, I don’t regret one second spent in the streets asking for justice, the disgraced activist wrote on his Facebook account.