The Supreme Court upheld the verdict for the members of the so-called Kumanovo group in the “Divo Naselje” case. According to the defense, the decision not to repeat the trial in the case is a flagrant violation of the law, because their evidence was not taken into account.

Lawyer Naser Raufi believes that this decision opened the possibility for the cases to be sent to the court in Strasbourg.

We now have time and a time interval of three months to apply to the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights, and we will do this. We, as a defense, think that we will go as a team with an application for all convicts, said lawyer Raufi.

The Basic Court Skopje on November, 2, 2017 sentenced the members of the Kumanovo group on terrorism charges to a total of 746 years in prison over the events of May 9-10  2015 in Kumanovo.

A total of 37 people have been charged with terrorism, of which 7 have been sentenced to life in prison.