The owner of the private bus transport company from Skopje, “Sloboda Prevoz”, Lenin Jovanovski, announced that their buses will not operate lines 9, 12, 22, 23 and 45, because JSP “Skopje”, i.e. the City of Skopje, did not pay the debt to the company. There will be no private city buses if the City of Skopje does not find a solution for the debt of nearly a million euros.

Lenin Jovanovski, the head of “Sloboda Prevoz” said that they have not been paid for months and the dynamics agreed upon at the last meeting, which is one euro per kilometer, as well as the monthly advances for a few months ago, are not respected. As a sign of revolt, instead of on the street, the buses will leave in front of the City of Skopje.

At the last meeting in the City, we agreed that there would be payments every 15 days, but this is not respected. Money from the sale of tickets and monthly passes is collected every day, but no money is transferred to us. We have a suspicion that from that money, which is actually our money, we have earned, other obligations of the company are being paid. We should drive and give money for fuel from our own pocket, and the money we have earned be given to someone else, says Lenin Jovanovski.