It is likely that in the first months of 2021 Macedonia will receive whichever COVID-19 vaccine gets approved first by the COVAX Facility, according to the state university’s Faculty of Pharmacology professor Aleksandra Grozdanova, who chairs the National Committee on Immunization.

The agreement with COVAX signed by our country envisages a total amount of 800 thousand vaccines, ie two doses of the vaccine for a total of 400 thousand people.

The first 20 percent of vaccines envisage immunization first of at-risk groups such as healthcare professionals, the chronically ill and the elderly. Then, of course, it is planned to procure additional quantities of vaccines for the rest of the population, said Dr. Grozdanova told MIA.

The “Pfizer” company has already submitted an application for the so-called urgent procedure for vaccine approval to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and this procedure is expected to be used by manufacturers “Moderna” and “AstraZeneca” for registration in European Medical Agency. According to Dr. Grozdanova, the first Covid-19 vaccine may be approved in December.