Filipce says that the number of new coronavirus carriers has decreased, but the statistics also show an increase in the number of new cases, says Dr. Igor Nikolov from the EC of VMRO-DPMNE, emphasizing that in two days in Serbia over 10 thousand coronavirus tests were performed, while in Macedonia only 400.

As an illustration, yesterday’s statistics show that 332 tests have been performed, and the number of new cases is 33. That is 10 percent of the total number of tests performed. Croatia, Slovenia have almost no new cases on a daily basis. What is also worrying is the number of newly infected health professionals, more precisely medical staff. It is very clear how the situation can be put under control, the process is clear – it is necessary to increase the number of tests! Only then will we know how to proceed, says Nikolov.

He added that all neighboring countries are increasing the number of tests performed on a daily basis, also testing risk groups.

According to him, urgent and thorough screening should be conducted.