Rival administrators in the Tetovo hospital, appointed by the DUI and BESA parties, started a fight on Wednesday over the use of a car owned by the hospital.

BESA had its official Artan Etemi appointed as financial manager of the hospital, which is dominated by DUI appointees. The position was created for Etemi after the BESA party joined the Government through a coalition with SDSM and demanded its share of high and mid level positions. Etemi demanded that he is given the right to use an official car, but the head of logistics, identified by the police as Nagip S., from the DUI party, refused to do so. Nagip insisted that the car Etemi had his eye on is already used by the DUI appointed head of accounting.

The dispute over the car escalated on Wednesday when Etemi and Nagip came to blows. The fight spooked a group of medical students, who fled the hospital screaming, eyewitnesses said. The hospital issued a statement blaming Etemi for the fight. Etemi claims that he was attacked. According to the hospital’s DUI officials, Etemi called for reinforcements and attacked Nagip and a colleague of his after work.