The DUI party joined the opposition parties in endorsing demands from high-school students, who want the Education Ministry to cut the graduation exam in half. The students are citing the poor quality of online education as the reason for their demand, and have already received support from VMRO-DPMNE and the smaller ethnic Albanian opposition parties. A large majority of high-schoolers are boycotting the second semester of the school year.

DUI said that it will present the demand befor ethe Government and Education Minister Mila Carovska, who has held firm so far and has threatened the students that they will have to make up the classes they are currently boycotting by the end of the year.

DUI has long had it in for Carovska. Early in her term as Labour and Welfare Minister in 2017, while the Zaev regime was still claiming that it will focus on fighting corruption, she accused the DUI appointed management of the PIOM state pension fund of fraud. DUI insisted that