It’s possible that Zoran Zaev is not named Prime Minister in the possible future Government his SDSM party is negotiating with DUI, reports the Ina online news site. SDSM and DUI today said that they agreed on the principles under which a future Government would be led, but DUI also demanded that the next Prime Minister is an ethnic Albanian.

According to Ina, a compromise solution could be that SDSM appoints the next Prime Minister, and he or she is a Macedonian, but that it’s not Zoran Zaev. This way, DUI would be able to claim that it climbed down from its position but it also forced SDSM into a painful concession of their own. The reasoning would be that Macedonia needs a new face, given the numerous corruption scandals Zaev is involved in.

It would be a cabinet with no baggage, with people who were not involved in wiretapping and scandals, Ina writes.