DUI did not know that the full law on the use of languages would be sent to the Venice Commission, but only expected parts of the law to be sent, party lawmaker Artan Grubi said on the ” Top tema” show.

He also wanted to point out that the Venice Commission’s practice is to pass laws before they are adopted, not after they are passed.

NSDP lawmaker Sonja Mirakovska, meanwhile, says they knew the deal was from the outset the entire law to be sent to the commission.

We have agreed we will pass it and the law will be given to the Venice Commission so that we can get the expert opinion on what they think is wrong or they think it is right. So we consult with the Venice Commission on everything important, about the law on judges, we even have whole provisions from the Venice Commission that have become provisions of the law. So, I do not see any problem why the Venice Commission would not give an opinion on this law, Mirakovska said.