DUI party official Artan Grubi was gloating this evening, as results revealed that nearly all ethnic Albanians who voted in the presidential elections supported Stevo Pendarovski.

Ali Ahmeti and DUI elected the Speaker of the Parliament. Ali Ahmeti and DUI elected the Prime Minister. Ali Ahmeti and DUI elected the President. Without Ali Ahmeti and without DUI, nothing happens, Grubi wrote on his social media account.

DUI struggled to deliver for Pendarovski in the first round, as 80.000 votes went to the third, ethnic Albanian candidate Blerim Reka, supported by the Albanian opposition, which greatly undermined Ahmeti’s legitimacy to speak as the Albanian leader in Macedonia. But, in the second round, Reka’s votes apparently flowed exclusively toward Pendarovski and the combined votes of SDSM, DUI and the Albanian opposition AA and BESA parties is proving too much for the VMRO-DPMNE candidate Siljanovska. Siljanovska is clearly winning a large majority of ethnic Macedonian voters, but not enough to win the presidency.