The leader of the DUI party Ali Ahmeti announced that the next goal is electing an ethnic Albanian Prime Minister of Macedonia after the next elections.

DUI, the party born out of Ahmeti’s 2001 terrorist movement, was celebrating its 18th anniversary when Ahmeti made the announcement.

Let’s define our next goal – that we elect a proven and acceptable person as the FIRST ALBANIAN PRIME MINISTER, Ahmeti said in a Facebook post. DUI used divisions among the two main ethnic Macedonian parties to have one of its former commanders Talat Xhaferi appointed as Speaker of Parliament – usually considered as one of the three top positions in the country. This appointment opened the door for the imposed renaming and redefining of Macedonia, a process rejected by a majority of ethnic Macedonians but pushed through with the help of Albanian votes.

Ahmeti also called on Albanian voters not to allow to be divided in the coming elections. His party is facing challenges from the Alliance of Albanians led by Ziadin Sela and Abren Taravari, but also from the ruling SDSM party, which is dropping in the polls among ethnic Macedonians and as a result is turning toward the Albanian voters.