The members of the DUI Central presidency at a party meeting in the party headquarters in Tetovo, Mala Recica this evening unanimously decided that the party should go with its candidate in the upcoming presidential elections, DUI spokesman Bujar Osmani informed.

Evaluating that it was not by chance that the presidential election was the first point of the presidency meeting, as the most urgent, Osmani added:

The presidency unanimously decided in the (presidential) elections DUI to go with its own candidate, but gave the opportunity if in the next days conditions are created for cooperation with other political parties for the upcoming elections, the party leader to talk with the Albanian political parties or with the parties of other ethnic communities over the concept of consensual candidate.

He pointed out that this was the first point of the presidency’s session, and in addition to this decision, this party body of DUI decided to authorize their President Ali Ahmeti to also speak with the Albanian political parties as well as with other political parties from other ethnic communities for a joint candidate if conditions are created.

In the rest of the session, as Osmani informed, it will be discussed about the internal organization of the party and other current topics on the political situation in the country, for which the public will be additionally informed.

DUI’s central presidency resumes the meeting, Osmani added.