The coalition partners SDSM and DUI have agreed the nominations for the office of deputy ministers, state secretaries and directors, announced Artan Grubi, First Deputy PM and Minister for Political System.

At a news conference on Sunday, Grubi said the list of nominations for deputy ministers and state secretaries would be completed by Monday or Tuesday.

According to him, DUI will have deputy ministers in the Interior Ministry, the Defence Ministry, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Ministry of Justice and the Health Ministry.

Also, DUI officials will take up the posts of state secretaries in the Ministry for Political System, led by Grubi, the Ministry of Culture. “Out of five, I expect the other three will be appointed next week,” said Grubi.

The nominations, he told reporters will be revealed in the coming days, which will allow the whole cabinet to be completed.

Also, when asked for a comment about an alleged incident between him and the government secretary general, Dragi Raskovski, Grubi said he had been the target for fake news since his first day in office.

I’ve been the target of some fake news and propaganda with the sole purpose of inciting strife between the coalition partners DUI and SDSM, he stated noting that the government functioned ‘perfectly.’