At Tuesday’s session of the DUI presidency at the party’s headquarters in Mala Recica, Tetovo, the main debate was focused on the vetting ahead of the 4th Congress. Party spokesperson Bujar Osmani says the presidency as part of the preparatory sessions is debating the essence of the documents and resolutions set for the 21 December Congress.

The fourth DUI congress will open a new chapter of functioning and frameworks of political activities in the next four years. These documents are important and will set the pillars of the functioning of our political activities and it is important that they are well thought out and within the expectation of the citizens and that they can be realized. The topic of this session is precisely defining the most important principles, namely vetting as a mechanism for combating selective justice ie providing non-selective justice and vetting as a mechanism for political lustration of all public officials. An important mechanism and request of the citizens is to restore credibility in public officials who make decisions on behalf of the citizens and therefore DUI is convinced that the best way is through creation of a mechanism of vetting, said Osmani.

According to Osmani, although President Pendarovski is not certain about the election date, there is no alternative for April 12.

Osmani also said the presidency continues with a debate on the Venice Commission’s recommendations. He reiterated the view that the Law on Languages should not be amended and that the Commission’s recommendations could be respected.