Political dissident Igor Durlovski accused the SDSM led Government of mishandling the response to the coronavirus epidemic, while pushing for quick and low turnout elections. Durlovski, who was jailed by the Zaev regime and who now leads one of the VMRO-DPMNE lists of candidates, said that the opposition party is prepared to go to elections, but that the health of the citizens must come first.

Their response to the epidemic was very bad. The Committee on infectious diseases is making hasty recommendations driven by political considerations, by the demand from SDSM to hold quick general elections. Many people would need to risk their lives for this, Durlovski said.

The opera singer turned political activist who famously rejected Zaev’s offer of pardon said that VMRO will win convincingly at the elections ,whenever they are held, because of the many betrayed promises made by SDSM.

Still, the health of our citizens and the handling of the Covid-19 epidemic must come first, Durlovski said.

SDSM continues to demand that elections are held on July 5, but with the dramatic Second Wave of the epidemic that is moving through Macedonia, this request is supported by only a quarter of would-be voters.