The protest of the high school students ended with  being thrown at the building of the Ministry of Education and Science. The high school students said at Friday’s protest that they do not want to take the state graduation exam, because they study online and do not have the opportunity to receive quality education.


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In Skopje, the graduates blocked the boulevard in front of the building of the Ministry of Education and Science for an hour, and their peers protested in a dozen cities across the country. Classes were also boycotted during the day.

The “Srednoskolski cas” association says that the authorities are deaf to their demands and that two weeks ago they requested a meeting with them, but did not receive it. They say that they cannot take the graduation exam when they lost three months last year, and this year, they do not receive real education.

Their platform failed, we are currently working through the Teams application, which has no conditions for teaching. I attends vocational school classes, and we do not have practical classes at all, says a high school student.

The Ministry of Education and Science are determined that there will be a state graduation exam, because no compromise must be made with the quality of education. They say that the exam will be taken within the legally prescribed deadline, but with easier questions and shortened programs, in order for the exam to be effective and organized.