El Cheka released an 8-minute audio “bomb”, which confirms that the defendants in the case that the SPO took over and who were previously convicted – are the perpetrators of the five-time murder at Smilkovsko Lake!

According to the conversation on the tape and what is being said, it is about a terrorist cell, which the US services were also informed about, and some of them were returnees from Afghan battlefields with excellent combat training. Three women were also involved in the cell, and the materials found on their computers, according to Kamchev, were horrific.

One of them is a direct perpetrator, it can be heard in the conversation.

In the tape it pointed out that it is not about Albanians or Macedonians and some ethnic tensions, but about radical Islamists, whom the Albanians themselves are afraid of because of their radical ideology.

Does this tape confirm that Zoran Zaev was not telling the truth when he promised to find out some different truth about the case?

You can listen to the audio bomb here