VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski said at Saturday’s press conference that negotiations on the Electoral Code between the government and the opposition, conducted informally in the past, ended up in a deadlock. He accused the government of trying to insidiously and undemocratically push through solutions in parliament without prior debate and without opposing arguments.

Zaev and SDSM are not sincere when they put the blame on the opposition, because their gambling with the state brings the state into a blind alley. Such a request only raises the suspicion that such changes include fear of defeat in the coming elections and motives to abuse the electoral process in order to falsify the will of the citizens. It has not happened so far to change the electoral model without consensus, it has not happened so far to change the electoral model without all the political parties involved in the discussion of the same or at least the major ones. If Zaev’s goal is to run away from the elections and use this as an excuse, he should know that he will not run away from the will of the citizens and will be defeated in the next election, which will take place on April 12, Nikoloski said.

He explained how negotiations with the SDSM had been going on over the past few months on the electoral model and said progress had been made this week when the SDSM suddenly decided to push through its solutions through a parliamentary procedure without consensus.