If one of the employees hired under the Framework Agreement, who now sit at home and receive a salary, refuses the option to be engaged and actually go to work in some of the institutions twice, his employment will be terminated, the Minister of Information Society and Administration Jeton Shaqiri informed on Wednesday.

Answering reporters’ questions, Shaqiri clarified that the purpose of the draft law on systematization of public administration employees through the program for equitable and adequate representation (K5), adopted at the 26th session of the Government, is to solve the ten-year problem and achieve the government program without additional financial implications. After the adoption of the law, the Ministries of Political System and Information Society will cross-reference the data and prepare a list, which, as he said, will take into account the professional preparation of all candidates and the annual plans of the institutions for 2021.

After preparing the list, those who will not accept the offer, according to the draft law, will be transferred to the transfer list of the Ministry of Information Society. A second option will be offered in that transfer list, but if they do not accept that, the employment of those who will not accept the second proposal will be terminated. This is a good draft law and we should all keep in mind that it is a solution to a long-term problem, said Shaqiri.