The SDSM – DUI Government prepared a plan for police actions in case of worsening of the energy crisis, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski. Domestic energy production in Macedonia is at the bare minimum after years of corruption and mismanagement of the main REK Bitola coal mine, and the country faces planned rolling blackouts as the peak heating season is about to begin this week.

As SDSM and DUI are issuing false calming tones, they have prepared a “plan for measures and activities and for the functioning of the Interior Ministry in the state of crisis caused by the lack of electric energy”. In it, it is warned that the lack of electricity and its cost increases will cause real security challenges that can negatively reflect the economic, social and security of the country. The document speaks of a “new energy and security shock” and of “energy collapse and restrictions”. The Interior Ministry is tasked to follow the social media to observe attempts to incite disturbance and other criminal acts, Stoilkovski said, quoting from the document.