Dr. Aleksandar Stojanov, an epidemiologist with the Public Health Center, has been appointed the new acting director of the Center, the Ministry of Health said on Friday.

The Ministry of Health informs that the acting director of the Skopje Public Health Center, Dr. Arben Ziberi has been dismissed.

Ziberi has been dismissed for making inaccurate public statements, directly damaging the reputation of members of the Commission for Infectious Diseases, and bringing into question the credibility of healthcare institutions in the fight against coronavirus, reads the press release.

On Thursday Dr. Ziberi called on expatriates to come and vote for an Albanian prime minister.

He wrote on Facebook that the cancellation of the enforcement of the protocols recommended by the World Health Organization, ie the obligation to provide a negative coronavirus test and the 14-day quarantine was done thanks to DUI’s contribution to the government’s healthcare policies.

According to him, the reason for Minister of Health Filipce’s reaction to his private post on Facebook was the fact that his uncle Naser Ziberi was a candidate for Albanian Prime Minister.