The obligation to perform the public activity of regulated production of heating energy ceases with the day of the license issuance, in this case, the new operator of the activity, says the Energy Regulatory Commission after BEG distribution announced today that it has no obligation to continue performing the activity in the new heating season.

ERC points out that the performance of the public activity of heating energy production by a regulated producer is precisely defined in the Law on Energy, where the basic imperative of the performer of public activity is to ensure reliable, continuous and high-quality production of heating energy.

The BEG company, whose licenses were revoked in June of this year because of illiquidity because of high natural gas prices, previously announced that it has no legal basis to dispose of the heating plants, as well as that it has no obligation to continue operating in the new heating season, nor however, it has the financial possibility and credit capacity for the purchase of fuel for the production of heating energy.

After the announcement from BEG, the Government also said that until an economic operator is chosen, BEG must deliver heating energy.