The United States will support Macedonia and Albania in their reform efforts for the European integration process, which they have started, to move quickly, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, Gabriel Escobar, said Friday, MIA’s Washington correspondent reports.

At today’s briefing dedicated to the situation in the Western Balkans, answering reporter’s questions, Escobar pointed out that Macedonia is a great bilateral partner and an outstanding ally in NATO.

He again highlighted the message from the Strategic Dialogue, which the US held with Macedonia in June in Washington.

Our position from the experience with Macedonia is that it is an excellent partner, a loyal friend and a strong supporter of the transatlantic community. Macedonia deservedly started the movement in their process towards Europe. They made difficult reforms and continue to make difficult reforms, he said.

He pointed out that for the United States, the issue of the language and cultural identity of Macedonia is not an issue, and called on the country to continue the constructive dialogue with its neighbors and to move as quickly as possible in the accession process.

The US remains a strong partner in encouraging and supporting Macedonia in that process. And finally, the country will certainly be successful in that process, said Escobar.

Speaking at the briefing about the historical, cultural and economic affiliation of the Macedonians, he used the adjective “North Macedonians”.

The North Macedonians are Europeans, historically they are Europeans, culturally they are Europeans and economically Macedonia is part of Europe and is and will be an important participant in the transport sector, the IT sector, even the energy sector, Escobar said, reported MIA.