US Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Gabriel Escobar has pledged strong support for Macedonia’s fast EU integration and that they are working with their European partners to ensure that happens very quickly.

I want to express the strong support of our administration for the fast European integration of Macedonia and we are working with our European partners to ensure that this happens very quickly. I think we can all agree that Macedonia is culturally, historically and increasingly economically part of Europe and you should have your place at the table. We will continue to support your efforts to show flexibility in the integration process and in the implementation of further reforms to make that a reality. Additionally, we explore opportunities to strengthen Macedonia’s leading position in international relations to find solutions to issues that challenge the alliance and the Balkan region and Europe as a whole. We also hope that we will find ways to deepen our already excellent relations, Escobar told a joint news conference with Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani.