The path you are on now is two-way – the first is to continue the engagement with Bulgaria bilaterally, something that the Government is doing now, in order to reach a mutually acceptable solution and second – to continue the progress in the reforms, said EU Ambassador David Geer at Friday’s online conference “The role of media and civil society organizations in the integration process”.

Geer reiterated that a historic decision was made in March last year by all 27 EU member states to start accession talks with Macedonia and Albania and that he understood the impatience with discussions on the negotiating framework because, as he said, people wanted the country to move forward, they want to see the opening of negotiations as soon as possible.

It is true that the negotiations will start when there is an agreement, however, there is no reason to wait in the meantime for the reforms not to be implemented, because it will only speed up the way forward and it is in the interest of all citizens. The more we progress in the reforms, the closer the country will move to the European Union, underlined the EU Ambassador.