EU Ambassador to Macedonia Samuel Zbogar acknowledged that the disappointment with the spectacular fall of the Special Prosecutor’s Office can affect the request that Macedonia is allowed to open EU accession talks in October.

Accordign to the Ambassador, the disappointment can have a negative influence on the integration process. In an interview with Alfa TV, Zbogar said that it is important that the SPO cases should continue to be investigated in the OJO office of state prosecutors.

Regarding the other thorny issue – whether Macedonia will be lumped together with Albania in the accession talks, Zbogar said that the bids of the two countries are viewed independently, but because they come at the same time, are also seen as a group of sorts. As Macedonian politicians are worried that they will lose the expected date in October because of the coupling with Albania, Zbogar assured them that it is better for Macedonia if Albania is allowed to open the talks as well.