European Union Ambassador to Macedonia Samuel Zbogar said he’d rather not comment on the question whether a Government elected with practically the smallest possible majority of 62 votes can be stable and deliver on reforms needed for Macedonia’s EU accession process. Zoran Zaev hopes to have such a Government elected tomorrow, and his SDSM – DUI – BESA – DPA coalition would have just one vote above the minimum needed.

Zbogar said that the EU would first wait to see the Government elected in Parliament, and pointed to the fact that most political parties support the European future and reforms, while not supporting the proposed Government. He also expressed his hope that Zaev’s Government will reach out to the opposition and they will work together in some issues.

During his visit to Kumanovo, Zbogar said that he hopes a intra-governmental conference can be held after November 10, but added that EU member states are still considering the negotiating framework with Macedonia.