The EU delegation in Macedonia denied reports that it was funding Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 and his bogus charity, that was used to extort money from businesses.

One of the witnesses in the Racket trial, judge Meri Dika Georgievska, who is a close friend of Boki 13, testified that Boki managed projects for vulnerable categories of citizens that was funded by the EU. Kanal 5 TV today asked the EU delegation if it was funding Boki and received a short negative response. Boki used a charity called the International Association as a front for commercial real-estate development as it was allegedly working to help elderly people get accomodation.

Boki 13 was a constant feature at diplomatic receptions in Skopje, as was his friend and now co-defendant Katica Janeva, while she was the all-powerful Special Prosecutor. Many of the journalists who worked in Boki’s 1TV television, which was also used as a tool to extort money, are major recipients of EU funding for their programs and belong to the same Skopje diplomatic cocktail circuit.