VMRO-DPMNE official Vladimir Neloski attributed the announcements from the European Union that Albania could surpass Macedonia in its accession process with the major corruption scandals surrounding the Zaev regime. Zaev is facing a number of scandals, including the seizure of marijuana originating from a farm apparently owned by his family, at a time when Albania could receive the nod to open accession talks and leave the de-facto group with Macedonia, while we continue to be held back by a Bulgarian veto.

EU leaders won’t sit at the same table with a person who invites mobsters and criminals in his home, Neloski said. Just today, Turkish mobster Sedat Peker revealed that he met with Zaev in his home during his stay in Macedonia in early 2021.

In a TV interview, Neloski noted that Zaev promised the public that all disputes with neighboring countries have been resolved when he signed the treaties with Bulgaria and Greece. “One of these treaties is now producing new issues and blockades”, Neloski added.