The deputy head of the EU delegation in Skopje, Julian Vassallo, in connection with the opening of the second Bulgarian cultural center “Tsar Boris the Third” in Ohrid, said today that the EU does not deal with history.

We know that when the first club opened; it caused reactions in the country. We know that Macedonia and Bulgaria discuss history among themselves. The EU does not deal with history. We put history behind us and move forward. In the EU, we want to look forward and not look at things from the past, Vassallo said at a press briefing when asked how the EU comments on the opening of Bulgarian cultural centers and their names.

Regarding the constitutional amendments, i.e. the inclusion of the Bulgarians in the Preamble, which are necessary for Macedonia to start opening the chapters on the road to EU membership, Vassallo said that it is a sovereign decision of the state, but Macedonia has committed itself that it will implement it. He added they are in constant contact with the opposition and VMRO-DPMNE, which, as he said, supports the country’s European path.

At a certain point, they will have to take responsibility if they want to see the country on that path, Vassallo pointed out and called for leadership from the opposition.