The vaccination process should not be a race between countries. Europe will not be safe as long as all regions of Europe are safe. We are all affected and therefore, the EU has been side by side with the Western Balkans and the Republic of Macedonia since the beginning of the crisis. The Union will provide vaccines for the Western Balkans as soon as possible, EU Ambassador David Geer said in an interview with MIA.

It is clear to all of us that in order to get out of the pandemic we need to make sure everyone has access to safe and effective vaccines. The vaccination process should not be a race between countries. We are all affected. Previously, the rate of infection was higher here in the Western Balkans than in the EU, and now the rate is higher in the EU compared to the Western Balkans. I’m sure you are all aware of the enormous pressure that EU members face as they begin to vaccinate their populations, and at the same time a new strain of the virus appeared, which has increased the number of new cases, Geer said.

He noted that despite the challenges, EU countries have pledged to provide vaccines, without specifying when exactly.

I cannot specify when that would be. But I will repeat that this is an example of the support we provide. We have been providing support from the beginning. The crisis has lasted for almost a year and will certainly continue. The message to you is that we are here from the beginning, during the crisis, and in the future, including during the vaccination process, Geer said.