In a statement, the European Parliament said that the coming elections in Macedonia will a crucial test of democratic maturity. The members of the Parliament linked with Macedonia urged for “transparent, credible and objective campaign, free from disinformation and intimidation”.

The statement was issued by Ilhan Kyuchyuk, who is the EP rapporteur for Macedonia, Andreas Scheider and Marion Walsmann, who are chairs of the joint parliamentary committee with Macedonia.

We urge the authorities to ensure a fair and smooth electoral process in line with international obligations and standards, to be held following adequate protective health measures. Political parties, relevant state bodies including the election administration, civil society and the media have a joint duty to ensure a transparent, credible and objective election campaign, free from disinformation and intimidation, the three members of Parliament said.

The statement also urges that the treaties the Zaev regime signed with Greece and Bulgaria be seen as the basis for future development of the country.