Prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska says she is not surprised by today’s testimony of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, but that she will not withdraw the indictment for the events of April 27. She hopes the court will evaluate the material evidence presented by the prosecution and the defendants and make the right decision.

He was called as a witness, not as an expert to give his opinion, the prosecutor said about Zaev’s testimony.

According to Ruskovska, the defendants are not small children so that they can be manipulated over the Parliament events, as witness Zaev pointed out.

During the testimony, Zaev said that he wanted to give his opinion on the events of April 27 and that he did not think that the main creators and organizers were the defendants Mile Janakievski, Spiro Ristovski, Trajko Veljanovski and others, and that according to his knowledge these people were manipulated by the main organizer Nikola Gruevski.