The identity is the red line that cannot be negotiated, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said Saturday after the latest blackmail by the eastern neighbor in the form of a Memorandum sent to the EU.

This is the first harsh reaction by the Foreign Minister, but there was no reaction from the most called out official – Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

It is already being commented in domestic political circles that Zaev has already accepted what Bulgaria is asking for, but now he is just finding a way to present it to the public.

Bulgaria emphasizes in the document that Zaev, by signing the Agreement, accepted the so-called “language clause”, recognized the shared history and that there was no Macedonian minority on the territory of Bulgaria.

Regarding the language issue, our neighbor says that the Macedonian language did not exist until August 2, 1944, and it originated as a dialect of Bulgarian and claims that with the Agreement it has been accepted that “official language of the country” should be used instead of Macedonian language. Bulgaria insists documents must refer to “the official language of Macedonia“.